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(Updated Wednesday, 29 June 2011)
Call Me
Theatre Production

Project Name
“Call Me", (Theatre Production).
Lighting Technician.
Mike Heath (Dir) for By the Slice and Reelscape Productions. 2011
Project Description
Play staring Sarah Adams.

Additional Info
Reviews online and in-print. Manchester Salon

“Descending the stairs to the cellar-like venue, I could feel the excitement from the crowd already assembled, and was extremely surprised to find a perfect little theatre set-up with professional lighting, sound equipment and cosy, intimate lay-out of the seating and stage areas. The place was packed (as I believe the 2 previous night's performances were) and the atmosphere was great with everyone relaxed and chatting.”

“The script was spot-on, with extremely funny and accurate depictions of various relationship situations that I am sure we have all found ourselves in at one time or another”

“The consequences are absolutely hilarious and the whole script is fast, funny and extremely fluent.”

“Originally these individual characters and their telephone conversations were produced as a separate monologue, but Sarah decided to combine them all into this superb play. And I am so glad that she did, as the result is absolutely brilliant.”

“The whole production was one of total, seamless perfection, resulting in a laugh-out-load comedy that hit home with the audience. I haven't laughed so much in ages. I cannot imagine that even the most renowned theatres out there could have put this together any better! I also find it hard to believe that this is the first play written by Sarah Adams. Sarah has plans to produce her next play "In Quiet Places" later this year, and if this first one is anything to go by, then I can't wait!.”

“The scenes with Jenny and Mike were tender, touching and utterly believable and I did find myself "rooting" for them. Their timing was perfection itself.”

British Theatre Guide

“The three main characters all teeter on the edge of breakdown but made a great connection with the audience who enjoyed the farcical comedy of the situations”

“...talented performers”

“Perhaps the stand out was Sarah Adams as Natasha whose brilliant solo riffs bordered on the absurd. Adams also wrote the perceptively scripted and hugely funny piece and her comic timing was the most effective.” “Director Mike Heath extracts every ounce of comedy from the hour-long play and on this entertaining offering, the Slice Theatre Company are well worth tasting.” What’s on Stage Call Me (Manchester)

“Mike Heath’s lean direction ensures that the whole thing makes sense and that substance is not replaced by style”

“Adams excels with hilarious situations, sparkling dialogue and vivid characterisation. Call Me! is one of those rare plays where all the characters have redeeming features and so are likeable.”

“audiences looking for a warm and very amusing play are in for a treat.”

Manchester Evening News (print)

“At one time Manchester had a plethora of pub theatre so it’s heartening to know we still have venues like the basement theatre at the Joshua Brooks pub.

It’s the setting for a new play by Manchester-based playwright, Sarah Adams. Like most of the cast, she trained at the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre and has formed her own company – By The Slice.

This is Sarah’s first play to be staged professionally and although it’s contained in one entertaining act at present, there’s plenty of scope for this warm and witty examination of the female condition to be expanded to include a look at how men react to the ‘love’ word.

Much of the play is based around phone calls made by the four central characters. Sarah Adams is very funny as Natasha, the romantic. Christine Clare is Cheryl who finally reveals her vulnerability. Laura Cope plays Jenny and Sophia Hatfield is bolshie Clare, while Rachel Priest is an eccentric relationship guru. Matthew Stead bravely plays the only man in this heart-felt piece.”