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(Updated Tuesday, 29 April 2014)
Feature Film

Project Name
“FOUR", (Feature Film).
John Langridge (Dir) for Oh My! Productions. 2010
Adrian Brown
Project Description
Feature Film.

Additional Info
Visit the films own website for more information and view the trailer.

JUN2011 – ”Let's start the weekend off with some good news. First, it's official. We have a signed contract with High Fliers Films for our UK distribution”. [Oh My! Productions]

SEP2011 – This film is now listed on

SEP2011 – “A little bit of good news - we've got our rating back from the BBFC (censor) a 15 cert! This opens our market up hugely. High Fliers are well pleased. Imagine that...with all our C#*@'s we got a 15. Thank you BBFC.” [Oh My! Productions]

APR2014 - View a clip “Opening” from the film on You Tube.

APR2014 - View clip “Do you understand” from the film on You Tube (Spoiler Alert).

APR2014 - View clip “She’s still here...” from the film on You Tube (Spoiler Alert!).

APR2014 - View clip “The End” from the film on You Tube (Spoiler Alert!!!).