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(Updated Tuesday, 19 April 2011)
Breaking The Mould

Project Name
“Breaking The Mould", (TV Drama).
Spark for Mr Chris Georgas.
Peter Hoar (Dir) for BBC Films. 2009
Matt Gray
Project Description
“Dominic West (The Wire, The Devil's Whore) will star as straight-talking Australian scientist Professor Howard Florey in Breaking The Mould, a BBC Drama Production for BBC Four.

It is widely recognised that Alexander Fleming was the man who discovered penicillin but the truth is a bit more complicated than that and the extraordinary story of Professor Florey is hardly known.

Set against the background of the early years of the Second World War, this factually-based drama (written by Kate Brooke) shows how it was Professor Florey and his team who persevered against incredible odds to make penicillin an applicable medicine, whilst refusing to patent it for commercial gain”. (BBC)

Additional Info
Coming soon to BBC 4.