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(Updated Sunday, 15 February 2009)
31 North 62 East

Project Name
“31North 62 East", (Feature Film).
Tristan Loraine (Dir) for Fact Not Fiction Films Limited. 2008
Sue Gibson BSC
Project Description
”'31 North 62 East' is a psychological thriller that tells the story of how an SAS unit's position is revealed to ensure an arms deal goes ahead and securing the Prime Minister's re-election. The unit's soldiers are thought to have perished until 18 months later, when one of the SAS soldiers is found alive by Italian forces....” [Fact Not Fiction Films]

Learn more about “31 North 62 East” at the official web site, where you can sign up for their news letter.

Additional Info
FEB2009 – See the trailer for the film at official web site.