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(Updated Saturday, 14 February 2009)
Better Things

Project Name
“Better Things", (Feature Film).
Best Boy (for Lee Wooster).
Duane Hopkins (Dir) for Better Things Limited. 2006
Lol Crawley
Project Description
“…With his debut feature Better Things, writer-director Duane Hopkins explores the less idyllic realties of growing up in the Cotswolds…”, ( For more information, visit the BBC website .

Additional Info

JUN2008 – “Better Things” was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.
JUN2008 – “Better Things” will be screened at the London Film Festival

NOV2008 – “The UK release for Better Things will be on 23rd Jan at selected cinemas. London screens will be the ICA ( and the Renoir ( Other screens around the country will have the film 'on date' and further screens will take it after this. More details to follow... There will also be a Video on Demand release via 4OD and FilmFlex (for Virgin users) more details of how to access the film via this method closer to the time… …For those of you further afield the French release by Memento is confirmed for 21st Jan (”

OCT2008 - Just to let you know that if you can't make London on the 17th / 22nd October there will be a screening in Bath on Bonfire night 5th Nov. Follow the link for more info.
Little Theatre Cinema
Wednesday 5 November, 6.40pm
£7 / £5

NOV2008 – “More news ahead of this evenings screening in Newcastle

Follow the link to see the list of winners from Stockholm Film Festival. BEtter things won the FIPRESCI (International Critics Federation) jury award.” – Sam Haladay

JAN2009 – “Hi there

don't know if you saw but BETTER THINGS was 'film of the month' in SIght and Sound magazine this month ahead of the UK release on the 23rd Jan. A really great review that I'll post on here as soon as its available online.

Duane and I will be in London on the 23rd and 24th for Q&A's at the Renior and ICA (see links below for tickets). Hope to see you there. If you can't make it that weekend make sure you check the show out when you can if you can't make it to london go to: for other listings over the coming couple of months and if you can't make it to a cinema it will be on Video on Demand via 4OD or FilmFlex from 23rd also (Samm Haillay)

JAN2009 - Hi there,

Just to let you all know that BT will play in Bristol (watershed) Glasgow (Film Theatre) and Bradford (Pictureville) from next week so please do pass on to anyone you know in or around those towns.

Details of the box offices etc on our website:

It is on until then in London at the ICA and Renoir - again details are on the website

cheers and thanks for your continuing support of our work.


FEB2009 – Better Things in your local Cinema;

Belfast, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Cardiff, Leicester, Liverpool, Stockton, Lancaster, Torrington, Sheffield, Dundee, Edinburgh, Stoke, Croydon.

FEB2009 – “A new voice in British cinema, Duane Hopkins’ multi-narrative feature debut is a lyrical and honest look at intersecting lives, losses and loves in the heart of rural England.
Gail’s agoraphobia keeps her inside where she escapes into romance novels. She shares a house with her Nan, recently back from the hospital. Gradually, they both try to reach out to each other to break their isolation.
Rob plunges further into his addiction as a way of numbing his heartbreak over the death of his girlfriend. In his stupor, he dreams of embracing her again.
Mr & Mrs Gladwin are going through a shift in their 60 year relationship. Years of resentment and unspoken truths have built a barrier between them that Mrs Gladwin, in her abiding love, tries to erode in little gestures.”
[Sam Haliday]

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