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(Updated Monday, 12 February 2007)

"Halal Harry". (HD Feature Film)
2nd Unit Camera Assistant/Spark.
Russell Razzaque. (Dir) 21st February Films, 2005.
Maxwell Hodgetts.
Project Description
Romantic Comedy.

Additional Info
Returned to the crew of Halal Harry for a couple of days at the end of June for pick ups in the role of Gaffer. Currently in post. (ADDED 04 JUL 2005)

International Festival Premier on Saturday 23rd September at the Bite The Mango Film Festival, you’ll be able to book your ticket online (soon) at the Festival website at: (ADDED SEP 2006).

“After rave reviews and a rapturous response to the film’s preview at the renown Bite The Mango International Film Festival, HALAL HARRY is beginning its journey into the wide world - a journey not dissimilar to Harry’s own in the film as he weaves his way into a new frontier… Islam” (ADDED 18 OCT 2006).

For clips from the film, please visit theyoutube website.